"And you shall be my witnesses"
(Acts 1:8)

1st - 4th November 2018
Manosque, Sainte-Tulle - France
Under the auspices of the Assembly of Orthodox Bishops of France (AEOF)


According to the words of the Lord, Christians are called to shine with the hope and the love of God towards the world. How can the faithful, alone or in together, incarnate this mission in the complexity of the contemporary world ? How can we give a pertinent witness of Christ in a secular context? How can we make our social lives and actions a sign of the presence of Christ? How can we witness to the unity of the Church in spite of the divisions between Christians?
To look more deeply into these questions, in a moment of reflexion, conviviality and prayer, come to the 16th Orthodox Congres.

Since 1971, the Orthodox Fraternity in Western Europe has organised, every three years, a congress which assembles pastors and faithful Orthodox beyond the structural divisions which still seperates them in Western Europe.
The Orthodox Fraternity is an ecclesiastical initiative, started in the 1960s by personalities such as Olivier Clément, Elisabeth Behr-Sigel and P. Cyrille Argenti, Jean Tchékan,…
The congres aims to be a place of friendship which assembles people, organisations and communities who desire to work in unity for the witness of the Orthodox Church in Western Europe. The Fraternity has notably published liturgical and educational books.


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This meeting, open to all, will ask the question of knowing how to be witnesses Christ in our lives. There will be a particular emphasis on discussing the missionary opening in the church community and of the engagement of the faithful in favour of migrants and of the disadvantaged, as well as on numerous other aspects affecting the responsibility of Christians in the world.

Beyond the reflexion, these congresses are equally intense moments of ecclesial conviviality gathered around our pastors (bishops, parish priests, abbots and abbesses) enriching our diversity.

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    We are happy to announce that, from 1st to 4th November 2018, the 16th Orthodox Congress will be held, with the blessing and encouragement of the bishops of France, in the beautiful Mediterranian setting of Sainte-Tulle (all accommodation will be on site in the Regain Hotel complex), near Manosque, in the south of France. Put the date in your diary and start planning your journey today. We will keep you informed of the programme and let you know when the registration is open, particularly via this website.
      The general reflexion will be centred around the words of our Lord, “And you will be my witnesses” (Acts 1,8). This point of departure will allow us the broach different aspects of Christian witness in the world, notably the missionary opening and the ecclesiastical community and the engagement of the faithful in favour of migrants and the most disadvantaged people. This meeting will equally provide a place for exploring different questions linked to the responsibility of Christians in the world: cultural diversity in the Church; interreligious and interconvictionnal ecumenical dialogue; solidarity with eastern Christians; organisation of liturgical, family and parish life; transmission of the faith; marriage, couples and sexuality; contempory biological and ecological challenges; attitudes in the face of economic and ethical liberalism...
    As you know, beyond theoretical reflection, for nearly 50 years, these congresses have been, for Orthodox Christians scattered throughout Western Europe, eminent moments of ecclesiastical conviviality. They allow living in communion on a scale vast than within that of either parish or diocese. Thus by contributing to weaving these closer links between diverse communities which characterise our ecclesiastical landscape, they are also occasions to deepen our faith. Lastly, they give us to live the church communion gathered around our (bishops, parish priests, abbots and abbesses) who grant us the honour of their participation every time, reflecting the presence of Christ as an Elder amongst a multitude of brothers and sisters (Rm 8,29).